Javelin Lite Bipod - Long

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Product Overview

This new bipod is based upon the original & highly successful Spartan ‘Javelin’, and is designed to be carried in a pocket or pouch, off of the rifle until required. The Javelin Lite uses precision CNC machining and high quality edge carbon fibre materials to produce an innovative, modular & highly effective shooting support for the modern shooter. It is available with a choice of three interchangeable & upgradeable fixed length carbon fibre legs. This new bipod offers a large number of real world advantages for the discerning shooter. Bipod is supplied in a bag with one universal rifle adapter kit to get you started.

  • Ultra lightweight & compact
  • Using our patented & field proven ’Spartan Magnetic Attachment System’ the bipod can be instantly attached or detached to or from a rifle, using one of the rifle adapter options
  • Locking ‘Cant’ facility for leveling the scope on uneven terrain 
  • Traverse facility to track a moving target
  • Target mode - enables bipod traverse action to become fixed for a tighter system. 
  • Easily moved on to other rifles - only requiring an additional adapter
  • Easy fitting into gun slips (bipod detached)
  • Maintains rifle balance for freehand shooting (bipod detached)
  • Keeps the rifle stock uncluttered when shooting off of other supports, rests  or vehicles (bipod detached) 
  • Sling carriage comfort improved, with less projection into the users body (bipod detached)
  • Leg length upgrade sets available to solve environment & positional shooting challenges


(No reviews yet) Write a Review