Boot Rebuilds

Schnee's Boot Rebuild

Our boots are built to last, but when your rubber bottoms do wear out, they can be replaced at a much lower cost than purchasing a new pair. At our repair shop, your boots will be rebuilt by the same artisans who originally made your boots using authentic Schnee's rubber bottoms. Simply return your CLEANED pair of boots to us with the proper payment and instructions, and our artisans will take it from there. if your boots are insulated, please remove your liners before sending them in. If the liners are in, we may dispose of them.

PAC Boots

Advantage Bottom (ADV) - $110

Tire Tread (TT) - $100

Mountain Boots
Re-Tread - $125
Re-Shape Toe - $40

Plus $15 Shipping & Handling
Please clean your boots before returning them for repair. A $10.00 cleaning fee will be charged for excessively dirty boots.
*$25.00 Shipping Outside Of The USA.

Your boot will be sent back to our Italian factory where it gets re-lasted and shaped. This service includes a new chassis, sole, footbed and laces. Allow a maximum of 90 days for this service.Boots are sent to Italy 4 times per year on October 1, January 1, March 1 and July 1. 
Cost: $179
 Ship to:
6597 Falcon Ln
Bozeman, MT 59718