Boot Rebuilds

Schnee's Boot Rebuild


Our boots are crafted for longevity, yet when the rubber soles wear down, you can opt for a cost-effective replacement instead of buying a new pair. At our repair shop, skilled artisans who crafted your boots initially will rebuild them using genuine Schnee's rubber bottoms. Just send us your CLEANED boots along with payment and instructions, and our artisans will handle the rest. For insulated boots, kindly remove the liners before shipping.

PAC Boots

Advantage Bottom (ADV) - $110

Tire Tread (TT) - $100

Mountain Boots

Re-Tread - $140

Re-Shape Toe - $40

Plus $15 Shipping & Handling
Please clean your boots before returning them for repair. A $10.00 cleaning fee will be charged for excessively dirty boots.
*$25.00 Shipping Outside Of The USA.


Your boot will be sent back to our Italian factory where it gets re-lasted and shaped. This service includes a new chassis, sole, footbed and laces. Allow for roughly 120 days for this service. Boots are sent to Italy in waves and the timeline may vary.

Cost: $179

 Ship to:
6597 Falcon Ln
Bozeman, MT 59718



Please call 800-922-1562 or email for questions