Knife and Tool

We are pleased to bring you only the finest knives and tools. Hand selected due to uncompromising design, fit, finish and quality. Some knives featured are RJ Knives. To us, these set the benchmark by which we judge other knives.  


- Handmade In Montana -

Our friends Bob and Josh Jolley make some of the best knives in the world from their small workshop in Livingston, MT. Bob and Josh use only the best materials and bring more than 40 years of knife making skill and experience to each and every knife that bears the name RJ Knives. Their workmanship is impeccable. RJ Knives have become treasured collectables for custom knife aficionados worldwide the world over. Each knife is unique. RJ Knives are not only a work of art, but are made to be used for their intended purpose in the field. Hunters value their RJ Knives for the best functionality in the field, and for the lasting value of and RJ Knife.

Please Note: Each knife is made to order and at times it can take up to 4-6 months for delivery.

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