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Montana Mex

Montana Mex

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"Cooking found me early in life: I cut my teeth at the age of fifteen hustling over hot pans, flipping burgers, and throwing pizzas. I was fearless in my pursuit of flavor. Shortly after culinary school, I moved from the kitchen to the galley, spending the next decade as a yacht chef hunting down exceptional food experiences abroad. As I began inviting others to cook alongside me, I witnessed the pure joy that creating a meal together could provide. A light bulb went off. A meal, I realized, is more than what we eat. It’s a tool for building culture and sustaining community, and the most memorable are those meals you took the time to prepare yourself. With the help of a few exceptionally committed individuals, I co-founded Montana Mex. It is my pleasure to share with you our Mexican-inspired products, jam-packed with flavor and integrity. I hope they empower you to cook just a little more fearlessly."

- Eduardo