Sales & Promotions Details

Our Sales and Promotions Policy

Here at Schnee’s we frequently offer various sales and promotions, as well as guide & outfitter discounts, military, veteran, first responder and government agency discounts. To sign up for these programs, please email your credentials to

  • We do not stack discounts on items already on sale. For instance, if you possess a promotional code for a product, yet that product is already discounted, the promotional code will not be applicable.
  • We don't combine program discounts with items already discounted. For instance, if you're utilizing your military discount, it won't be applied to an item already on sale. You'll receive whichever discount is higher.
  • In the event of a pricing error on our website, advertisements, emails or any other outlet, it is our sole discretion to honor the displayed price or not.


  • Most codes, including "New Subscriber," "New SMS Subscriber," "Thank you," and others, are not valid for use with SIG CROSS Carbon barrels or associated items.

If you have any questions or comments, you can reach us at or 800-922-1562.