Michael's Antelope Hunting Essentials

Posted by Michael E. on Aug 6th 2021

Michael's Antelope Hunting Essentials

After striking out on virtually every other tag I put in for, I finally found success in the Montana antelope draw. I've always thought chasing antelope is one of the most fun hunts you can do, it's completely a "get out what you put into it" kind of hunt. Whether you want to road hunt, cover dozens of miles on foot, spot and stalk, ambush, or blind hunt them, the world of antelope hunting is your oyster.

Typically, I hunt antelope on foot so I keep my pack pretty bare bones. My truck usually isn't too far away, so any extra stuff I don't need throughout the day can hang back. Luckily, antelope habitat is usually pretty mellow and relatively easy to navigate, so you don't need to bring a ton of gear with you on any given day. That being said, here's what I always bring with me, no questions asked. 

  • Boots! Schnee's Kestrel - Super lightweight, crazy comfortable. The Kestrel was our first Flex-0 boot, meaning it's the most flexible boot out of the entire fleet. It's pretty cool too. This boot does not have a "shank" or "insole" in it. All the stiffness of this boot comes directly from the midsole, so once the boots are broken in you end up with a pair of boots that move and flex very naturally with your gait, resulting in a really smooth, comfortable stride. Perfect for cruising through sage brush and undulated terrain. I also use the Sheep Feet Custom Orthotics in all my boots, absolutely life changing. 
  • Pack! Sawtooth 45 - You could probably make the argument this pack is overkill, but you're able to tighten the bag so close to the frame it really doesn't bother me. The Sawtooth is now my go-to pack for everything from day hunts to 4-day outings. I rarely fill this pack to the brim when I'm chasing antelope, but having the extra space does give you the option to bring the luxury items if you feel so compelled.
  • Optics! Antelope have great eyesight, so finding them at distance is crucial to planning an effective stalk. Not to mention they are the fastest land animals in North America, so if they see you, they gone. I run the Swarovski 95mm on a Vortex Summit Carbon Tripod, and have my EL 12x50's strapped to my chest in a Mystery Ranch Bino harness. I also bring my Phone Skope™ for pictures and video. 
  • Kill Kit! Argali Game BagsHavalon Knife, electrical tape and some paracord. Super simple, I also bring a larger fixed blade knife to help pop sockets. 

There you have it. Again, you don't need much, especially if you're doing day hunts from a truck or hotel. There's a reason I started with Boots, Pack, and Optics. Those are the big 3 I have found can make a huge difference on a hunt. A good pair of boots will let you be out all day, covering several miles while remaining totally comfortable. A solid pack will make a massive difference in packing out your kill, plus add comfort when you're just cruising the landscape. Reliable glass helps you find them before they find you, and that's the name of the game when you're chasing these speedy bastards.