Maverick Tee Men's


Product Overview

160 gsm- Friends, we have an announcement: Duckworth has created the World's Best 100% Merino Wool baselayer material - Maverick. Let's repeat that: this Maverick Tee is a 100% Merino Wool t-shirt. Thanks to Duckworth's Montana-grown Merino Wool, the highest quality available and therefore boasting an incredible degree of "crimp," our elasticity is all natural. Plus, none of our competitors can actually claim this critical pairing: 100% Merino Wool, 100% American-made. And let's remember what Duckworth wool can do for you: moisture-wicking, incredibly soft, no-itch, odor-free, and super warm baselayer performance for any outdoor sporting discipline. Feeling casual? Wear this t-shirt out for any occasion.