Montana II TT

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Product Overview

The Western Packer T/T lets you saddle up comfortably even when the snow gets deep and the wind blows hard. Our standard tire tread outsole that slides easily in and out of stirrups and won't clog up when used in the barnyard. Removable wool felt liners keep you warm and a steel shank gives great arch support.

  • Tire tread bottom

  • Easily slips into stirrups

  • Removable wool-felt liner

  • Premium oil tanned leather construction

  • Comfort Rating: -30F active, -10F inactive.

  • 10in = 4lb 14oz

  • 14in = 5lb 11oz

Handcrafted in Bozeman, Montana. 

Caring For Your New Pac Boots

Pitch Blend

We recommend using Pitch Blend on our Pac Boots at least twice a year, prior to your hunting season and afterwards if you're going to store the boots until next year, and as needed throughout the year especially if you have been hunting in wet conditions. 

Conditioner and Oils

We recommend using leather conditioners and/or oils on our Pac Boots after you've confirmed they fit and you're ready to begin breaking them in, this will help soften the leather upper and expedite the break in process. We also suggest reapplying as needed throughout the lifetime of the boots as the leather begins to dry out and/or stiffen up. 



(No reviews yet) Write a Review