X3 Trekking Pole Adapter


Product Overview

The Argali X3 Adapter works with any Argali Trekking pole to turn your trekking poles into a monopod for stabilized glassing, or it can be used to connect two poles together to serve as the center pole on any Argali tent. With a single piece aluminum construction and machined knurling for better grip, the X3 Adapter turns your trekking poles into a mult-use piece of gear thanks to our unique Grip-Adapt handle that has an embedded 1/4"x20 female threaded end inside the handle of our trekking poles.

The sleek size of the X3 Adapter fits into your pocket or bino harness for quick access when you need it. To use the X3 Adapter, remove the orange cap on top of any Argali trekking pole handle and thread one end of the adapter into the trekking pole while the other end will connect to most binocular tripod adapters (such as an Outdoorsman's, Vortex or other binocular tripod adapters that have a female threaded end on the bottom) via a universal 1/4"x20 threaded end. 

To use the X3 Adapter to connect two trekking poles as a tent pole, remove the grip caps on any two Argali Trekking poles and thread the X3 Adapter into each trekking pole handle. This is particularly useful as a center pole in the Absaroka 4P Tent or any tent up to 90" in height.


  • Stabilized Glassing-Connect to any Argali Trekking Pole and turn your Argali trekking pole into a monoped for glassing
  • Pitch a Tent-Connect any two Argali Trekking Poles together to pitch any Argali or other tipi style tent
  • Connect a Camera-Any camera with a 1/4"x20 female threaded end on the bottom can be connected for stabilized photo or video
  • Lightweight-at 1 ounce, it fits in your bino harness or any other small pocket and won't weigh you down


  • Weight-1 ounce
  • Size- 3" Long
  • Thread Size- 1/4"x20