Granite 600G

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Product Overview

It's hard to stay at the top. Especially when you're well above tree line, the temperature drops below freezing and the wind is howling. Our Granite 600g adds another level of warmth to our most trusted and proven mountain boot. Featuring a full 600g of insulation, dual density midsole, flex-3 rated 7mm polyurethane chassis and 100% waterproof Sympatex membrane. Finished with our custom compound Vibram™ Tsavo™ outsole. The Granite 600g is a serious boot built to dominate harsh terrain in sub-freezing temperatures.

  • 10" tall, 2.8mm thick leather upper
  • Polyurethane midsole
  • Sympatex waterproof membrane
  • Easyroller Hardware
  • 600g Thinsulate insulation
  • 4.6lb/pair
  • Made in Italy

Caring For Your New Mountain Boots


We recommend using Nikwax on our Mountain Boots at least twice a year, prior to your hunting season and afterwards if you're going to store the boots until next year, and as needed throughout the year especially if you have been hunting in wet conditions. 

Conditioner and Oils

We recommend using leather conditioner on our Mountain Boots after you've confirmed they fit and you're ready to begin breaking them in. We also suggest reapplying as needed throughout the lifetime of the boots as the leather begins to dry out and/or stiffen up.







Moisture is wicked quickly from the foot through the inner lining and into the hydrophilic intermediate layer. During strenuous physical activity the surplus moisture is buffered there and cannot get back into the inner lining due to the suction effect which is directed towards the outside. The moisture is transported to the hydrophilic membrane through an innovative intermediate layer. Once there, the moisture generates large scale activation of the hydrophilic membrane which speeds up the transmission of water vapour. This high activation (high moisture concentration on the membrane) also supports dynamic breathability.


High wearer comfort and dry feet for maximum performance in changing climatic conditions. Faster drying of the inner lining in extremely wet conditions and reduction in odour formation. The innovative technology proves its worth in particular during strenuous physical activity in the outdoors or at work. In firefighter boots Moisture-tech® is also the solution to unpleasant heat and moisture development in the boots and thus reduces the risk of blister formation on feet.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review