Sitka Timberline Pant - The Best Hunting Pants in the World

Posted by Michael E. on Oct 14th 2021

Sitka Timberline Pant - The Best Hunting Pants in the World

If you've read any of my gear lists or clothing system rundowns in the past, you'll notice Sitka's Timberline Pant plays a steady role. Well that's simply because I have found they are the best pair of pants you can take into the field. Whether it's hot, cold, wet, windy, snowing or shining these bad boys always perform. I spent the last month living in these things so I figured why not shout their glory from the mountain tops and give them the attention they deserve. 

Let's touch on the technical aspects of the Timberline Pants before I dive into the nuances of why they're the best pants out there (and it's not close). The biggest thing for me is the waterproof knee and butt patches. A lot of the times there's snow on the ground during hunting season in Montana, but the temperatures don't always warrant wool pants or rain gear, so being able to sit/kneel and get up without a soggy bottom does a lot for long term comfort. 

A close second to the waterproof areas is the fabric itself. The Timberline Pants are made of a 4-way stretch polyester with a DWR finish. On top of being downright comfortable, the DWR finish works great at repelling water in snow and light rain so you're not rushing to dig your rain gear out from your pack. The inside of the pants have a really light, brushed fleece so they're super soft–I'm not sure if this is the best comparison, but they're almost like wearing sweatpants.


Last but not least, they come with kneepads and suspenders that are both removable. Personally I'm a suspenders guy, but that's really just a matter of personal preference. The kneepads are nice, I typically don't use them a lot because they have a tendency to make your knees a little sweaty, but I also buried my knee into a cactus last week so maybe I should take them more seriously. 

As far as practicality goes, I have found these pants are just flat out versatile. They can be overkill during 80º days in September, and maybe leave a little to be desired if it's below 0º at the end of the year, but 99% of the time the Timberline Pants just work. I guarantee the three bears would attest that Goldilocks was wearing Timberline Pants. 


Versatility is a huge thing for me. During hunting season all my clothes live in one duffel bag so when I get ready to go I don't have to weigh the options of what to bring. It's a huge help in planning because rather than focus on what the weather may or may not do, I can put my attention towards what I'm bringing for food, water, and my overall hunt strategy. When it comes to any piece in your clothing system there's really only one question that matters, "Will it function how it's supposed to in the worst conditions imaginable?" The Timberline Pant does that in spades. At it's essence they're just a kick-ass pair of reliable, comfortable hunting pants you can put through hell. 

Realize what you've been missing and go buy yourself a pair: