Sitka Gear Ascent Pant Review

Posted by Cody R. on Apr 15th 2021

Sitka Gear Ascent Pant Review

The western turkey hunter needs to have lightweight durable pants that can help keep them on the move chasing mountain meriams. The Ascent Pants are exactly that. On a recent turkey hunt in Montana these pants performed very well and were extremely comfortable. Paired with the subalpine camo that blends in perfectly with the open landscape of the west.

Being able to move and stay within the “zone” of a gobbler is extremely important. Especially while hunting Meriams where they can move several miles within the day. Weighing in at 12 oz I was extremely happy at how light these pants were. Even with diaphragm calls, a range finder and extra shell the pants never got weighed down. Working ridge to ridge calling down into draws they kept me very comfortable the whole time.

Once I got an answer to my calling I was able to sneak it about 80 yards of a gobbler and get ready to set up. A lot of other gear I have worn in the past can be loud while walking especially when getting in close to an animal. With the Crodura Woven blend that Sitka uses in these pants I was very happy with how silent they were in those important moments of closing the distance. With turkeys and how well they can hear any advantage in gear goes a long way.

With Sitka’s Subalpine pattern it’s hard to find a better camo pattern more suited for spring out west. A lot of other turkey companies will put a lot of brighter greens or very dark colors to match big hard woods forests. Granted that works great down south and through the midwest where most turkey hunters are. But those colors are not well suited for the browns, tans and slight green up that occurs later in the spring through rockies and to the west coast. The Subalpine pattern brings all those colors together and blends them beautifully to make an amazing pattern. As the turkey popped out at 50 yards he was looking for a hen or something wrong. If I was not in as good of camouflage as I was the turkey would have seen me and never came into range.

I firmly believe that anyone looking for a good western turkey pants that the Ascent pant from sitka gear is the way to go. Also these pants would be a very good crossover pant for anyone looking to hunt archery antelope or elk. The breathability and durability of these pants would perform well in those conditions.