Schnee's Boot-Flex Rating

Posted by Matt M. on Oct 26th 2020

Schnee's Boot-Flex Rating

One Of Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

Day in and day out here at Schnee's we happily answer a lot of questions from our customers, in the hopes that we can help you find that perfect boot. One of the most frequently asked question is "which stiffness should I get?" While that seems like a straight forward question, finding the answer often requires quite a bit more information from our customers.

External factors such as location, terrain, season, weather, temperature and body size/weight, all play into which boot we'd recommend. Then there is the physical characteristics of the person wearing the boot and stiffness preference. For example, two sheep hunters are looking for a boot for their hunt. One hunter is 150lbs and the other is 230lbs, the lighter hunter may go with a Flex-2 Beartooth while the larger hunter might lean towards the Flex-3 Granites as they would provide a great deal of support for a heavier hunter.

To help give a sense of which boots are suited for different kinds of hunts and terrain, we developed our Flex Rating Guide, rating boots on a scale of 0-4, with 0 being most flexible and 4 being extremely stiff. We believe this system helps to point you in the right direction, and narrow your focus on the hunt for the perfect boots. 


FLEX - 0

Our most flexible chassis. Flex-0 allows for a wide range of motion in each step, and moves naturally with your gait. Ideal for flatter country and being on trail, or in stalking situations when a light, quiet boot is essential.

FLEX - 1

Slightly rigid but will flex with your foot each step. Engineered for early season pursuits in foothills and below tree line, or for those who want a lightweight boot capable of handling rugged terrain.

FLEX - 2

Arguably the most versatile chassis we offer. Flex-2 provides both stiffness and movement in varying terrain. Flexible enough to be comfortable in flatter country and on trails, yet stiff enough to lessen fatigue when ascending mountainsides or treks above tree-line.

FLEX - 3

Built for above the tree line in unforgiving terrain. Flex-3 is engineered to greatly lessen fatigue while climbing by enhancing your ability to edge and toe into a steep hillside. This chassis will barely flex on flat ground, and may be too stiff for low elevation hunters.

FLEX - 4

Our most rigid chassis. All Flex-4 boots are crampon compatible, and purpose built for hunts in extremely steep, rocky terrain. These boots will greatly improve your stability on aggressive pitches, and will not flex on flat ground.