Gear Review - Kestrel Ballistic Weather Meters

Posted by Matt M. on Mar 23rd 2022

Gear Review - Kestrel Ballistic Weather Meters

Accurately predict where your bullet will hit before you even pull the trigger...

One of our favorite devices in the field, the Kestrel Ballistics Weather Meters measure wind, altitude and all critical weather and ballistic variables to calculate an accurate aim point for long-range shooting. No more DOPE cards, re-zeroing or guessing the wind. These lightweight, compact tools combine onsite environmental measurements with a powerful G1/G7 ballistics calculator to deliver precise elevation and windage solutions for any gun, any round, any shot. Get first-shot confidence with the all-in-one, long-range shooting solution trusted by top military, hunters, and competitive shooters. We've been using these fantastic little devices for years now and they continue to blow us away. An accurate hunter is a more ethical hunter and these things take the guess work out of ballistics. Giving you a better chance of hitting exactly where your crosshairs are.

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