First Look: Leica Geovid Pro 10x32

Posted by Matt M. on Apr 1st 2022

First Look: Leica Geovid Pro 10x32

Check out our first look video of the new Leica Geovid Pro as Matt highlights all of the innovative features these new binoculars have to offer the serious shooter and the backcountry hunter alike. Check it out at (THE UNIT IN THIS VIDEO IS A PRE-PRODUCTION PROTOTYPE. THE FINAL VERSION CAN DIFFER FROM WHAT'S SHOWN OR DESCRIBED HERE)

The Leica Geovid Pro 32mm is a genuine benchmark. Designed for hunting in the mountains, bow hunting or hunting in open field where the extra magnification is needed for identification. The most compact and powerful rangefinder binoculars in the premium class, this model features world-leading Applied Ballistics® software and a extreme precise Class 1 laser. Never, before has such a small glass packed so much optical performance with field-proven ballistics. Extremely powerful with cutting-edge technology, this rangefinder pioneer is the first choice for any active hunter who appreciates compact equipment and demands a reliable ballistic solution for all close- and long-range shots.

The essentials: - High-class optics and superior mechanics - Precise and repeatable laser range finding up to 2500 yards - Exact and real time ballistic calculation with superior on-board Applied Ballistics® solver - Integrated environmental sensors: Built-in air pressure, temperature and angle sensors for precise ballistic readings - Newest Bluetooth® connectivity for quick and easy programming, setting and tracking with the Leica Ballistics App 1.0 - State-of-the-art GPS tracking solution mit LPTTM (Leica ProTrack) - Advanced real-time precision: Pair with Kestrel® devices to get real-time wind direction and speed updates.