"SELECTIVE" by Jason Matzinger

Title Sponsor: The Wild Sheep Foundation

Schnee is proud to be a supporting sponsor of this important and timely film from Jason Matzinger hat explores the history and importance to conservation of a selective harvest, aka, trophy hunting, which is being misrepresented and under attack in a way that could impact all hunting and future conservation efforts.



In the Lexicon of hunting, one word has evolved more than any other, the Trophy. The concept of a trophy first emerged through the lens of our innate appreciation for the grandest and oldest ambassadors of the wilderness- a testament to the challenges faced and the reverence held for these remarkable creatures. Yet, misconceptions and misrepresentations have cast a shadow over this terminology, transforming it into an unjust weapon aimed at the heart of all hunting endeavors. And yet, the practice of removing older male animals that have already genetically contributed to herd health has long been a cornerstone of responsible hunting. Such a selective harvest was an imperative step towards the recovery and sustainability of game species and the birth of a stewardship mindset that safeguards the vibrancy of our ecosystems. It's time for sportsmen to reclaim the narrative and embrace the profound conservation benefits entwined within the art of selective hunting. Filmmaker Jason Matzinger illuminates the careful choices and deep responsibility inherent in selective hunting as he takes to the Northwest Territories to pursue the right wild Sheep trophy.

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