Platy QuickDraw 1L



Product Overview

With a premium 1L reservoir, a fast flow rate and an ultralight design that allows for seamless adaptability to numerous dirty reservoirs, the QuickDraw is the best personal squeeze filter system available.

  • Fast Flowing: 3 liters per minute with squeeze pressure prevents extended stops and keeps you moving.
  • Ultralight: The whole system weighs just 3.3 oz (95 g), delivering advanced water filtration with a minimal weight tax.
  • Easy Cleaning: Two simple cleaning methods—shake-to-clean and a tool-free backflush—remove particulates and maintain fast flow rates.
  • Combine & Customize: Thread design on the dirty side provides seamless compatibility with a wide variety of dirty reservoirs to allow your system tobe customized.
  • Safe & Effective: Each filter is individually tested to ensure it meets all EPA & NSF guidelines for the removal of 99.9999% of bacteria and 99.9% of protozoa.*
  • Integrity Test: Determine if your filter has been compromised from a fall or freezing by performing a simple integrity test.
  • Comes with 1L QuickDraw reservoir, dirty side cap, DrinkCap and ConnectCap™