Midweight Black Butte Crew Sock


Product Overview

Described as the monarch of the Gravelly Mountains, Black Butte towers above the sprawling meadows and wooded canyons. Under the watchful eye of this mountain and the stewardship of shepherds – a craft as ancient as Black Butte – bands of Duckworth's 10,000 sheep roam the meadows that teem with lush grasses and Montana wildflowers: the beginning of Duckworth’s carefully crafted supply chain to bring you the finest Merino Wool gear. The Midweight Black Butte Crew Sock’s naturally occurring antimicrobial, moisture wicking, and temperature regulating composition is an ode to this magnificent mountain that watches over the sheep. Discover the unrivaled, Duckworth difference of Merino Wool socks originating in the mountains of Montana and always produced in the U.S.A.