Leather Cream 6oz


Product Overview

Skidmore’s Leather Cream is an all purpose leather care product which cleans, conditions, and protects all types of leather. Regular use will build a degree of waterproofing on the leather. Use on saddles, tack, chaps, shoes & boots, purses, motorcycle leathers, saddlebags, car upholstery, and leather furniture.

  • Cleans and allows the fibers to breathe
  • Tanning oils and natural oils are replenished
  • Makes leather soft and supple yet resistant to moisture
  • Made with natural oils and beeswax

Easy to use, contains no animal products, silicones or driers. For stiff, dry leather, saturate both sides. Reapply if necessary and remove excess. For maintaining fine leathers use sparingly, apply with a soft cloth, remove excess and buff. For dry leathers, leave on longer. Use to restore and clean leather, vinyl, wood and antique finishes. virtually any finish that is dirty, scratched, oxidized or just need help. INEDBILE keep out of the reach of children.