Geovid R 10x42



Product Overview

With the new generation of Geovid R rangefinder binoculars, Leica once again sets new standards. Completely redesigned and technically updated, the new Geovid R models are impressive in every detail. Leica remains true to its brand promise and its focus on the essentials – and continues to evolve as a pioneer with 30 years of experience in rangefinding.

You don’t want to choose between powerful binocular optics and a precise rangefinder? You don’t have to: Geovid R offers the best possible combination in one product, at an attractive price. The extremely compact, lightweight premium binoculars deliver a field of view that is outstanding in their class, as well as great image detail and fascinating color accuracy.

With an improved measurement range of up to 1,800 meters/2.000 yards, you are perfectly equipped for almost any observation and measurement in nature.  The newly developed Geovid R models focus fully on Leica’s core values: powerful premium optics, precise rangefinding, maximum optomechanical reliability, and easy, intuitive operation. Thanks to highly efficient manufacturing and a focus on the essentials, you no longer have to choose between conventional binoculars and a rangefinder.

The Essentials:

  • Best-in-class optical performance
  • Absolutely precise laser rangefinding
  • Improved measurement range: up to 2,000 yds (1,800 m)
  • New, up-to-date, ergonomic design
  • Particularly light, compact construction


  • Device type: Rangefinder
  • Magnification: 10x
  • Front lens diameter: 42 mm
  • Exit pupil: 4.2 mm
  • Twilight factor: 20.5
  • Field of view for at 1,000 yds/1,000 m : 330 ft / 110 m
  • Field of view for spectacle wearers: 315 ft / 105 m
  • Eye relief: 14.5 mm
  • Objective angle of view: 6.3°
  • Close distance: approx. 18.4 ft/ 5.6 m
  • Diopter compensation: ±4 dpt.
  • Range: 10 up to approx. 1,800 yds / 1,800 m
  • Equivalent horizontal range (EHR): 10 up to approx. 1,100 m
  • Measuring accuracy ± 1 yd to 383 yds / ± 1 m to 350 m ± 2 yds to 765 yds / ± 2 m to 700 m ± 0.5 % above 765 yds / ± 0,5 % above 700 m
  • Measuring time 0.3 sec.
  • Measuring modes Scanning mode, single measurement
  • Switchover meter/yards: Yes
  • Ballistic function: No
  • Display: LED display with 4 digits, easily legible in any light
  • Eyepiece for eyeglass wearers: Yes
  • Eyescups: Yes, rotary sliding sleeve, detachable, with 4 click-stops
  • Prism system: Modified Uppendahl system
  • Lens coating: HDC® multilayer coating
  • Focussing: Internal focusing via central drive
  • Laser: Eye-safe invisible laser according to EN and FDA class 1
  • Battery: 1 x 3 V / Lithium-type CR2
  • Battery lifetime: approx. 2,000 measurements at 68°F / 20°C
  • Watertightness: waterproof to 16.5 ft / 5 m
  • Housing: Aluminum, nitrogen-filled
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 4.9 x 6.6 x 2.8 in / 125 x 168 x 70 mm
  • Weight: approx. 33.7 oz / 955 g (without battery)

Owner Benefits

Contoured neoprene carrying strap, front lens, cover, eyepiece caps, cordura case, battery

Limited Warranty:
All Leica Sport Optic products bought from an authorized North American dealer since Jan 1, 2021 now feature a fully transferable 10-year Passport Protection Plan plus a 30-year Manufacturer’s Warranty. Both aspects of Leica’s commitment to you compromise the following:

  • Fully Transferable
  • No Warranty Card Required
  • No Receipt Required
  • No Charge

10 Year Passport Protection Plan
The Leica Passport Protection Plan is completely free and includes a fully transferrable no-questions, no-fault, 10-year accidental damage coverage plan in addition to a 30-year Manufacturer's Warranty. During the first 10-years, Leica will repair or replace any optical binoculars, rangefinder, or spotting scope in the event it is damaged, at no cost to the customer. This is only valid if the unit is purchased within North America, and is sent in to the US repair facility for service.

30 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty:
Moreover, all optical Sport Optics products include a comprehensive 30-year Manufacturer's Warranty, also at no charge. If following the 10-year no-fault coverage plan and a product is determined to have a defect with the optical system, Leica will simply repair or replace it. This excludes impact and water damage. Program valid from the date of purchase from an authorized North American Leica dealer.
Non-optical items such as accessories are warrantied for two years from date of purchase.