Elm Lined Men's


Was: $249.00
Now: $124.97

Product Overview

We are thrilled to introduce the newest in our Schnee’s Italian collection. A familiar design, handcrafted in our Italian factory with the finest Italian leather available, and precise attention to detail that results in an heirloom quality boot that will only look and feel better as it ages. Lined with genuine shearling around the ankle and top of the foot for warmth and extra comfort. The interior of the boot consists of a soft yet supportive footbed with a heel cup for added support. 

-Soft, durable Italian leather

-Genuine Italian shearling lining

-Anatomical footbed

-Crafted in Italy

-Resoling available

European Sizing Conversion

- 36 (5.5-6W)

- 37 (6-6.5W)

- 38 (7-7.5W)

- 39 (8-8.5W)

- 40 (9-9.5W/ 7-7.5M)

- 41 (10-10.5W/8-8.5M)

- 42 (11-11.5W/9-9.5M)

- 43 (10-10.5M)

- 44 (11-11.5M)

- 45 (12-12.5M)

- 46 (13-13.5M)

- 47 (13.5-14M)