Absaroka 4P Insert


Product Overview

The Absaroka 4P Insert fits inside our Absaroka 4P tent to provide full double wall coverage when bugs are an issue or if you simply prefer a traditional double wall tent. The Absaroka Insert features an innovative quick connect design making connecting, setting up and getting the pitch right easy and fast. The Absaroka Insert is designed to be a "floating" bathtub floor, which allows for greater versatility when pitching in slightly uneven terrain. 

The Absaroka insert is designed to easily and quickly connect to the Absaroka tent via 4 lightweight sliding wiregate carabiners that clip into sewn-in pieces of cord on the inside corners of the tent. It also uses color matching webbing on the guy-out points for the tent and insert so matching up the correct corners is easy and quick.

To set up, connect the wiregate carabiners to the corners using the color-matched webbing. Once the corners are connected, stake out the 4 corners of the tent and insert the center pole inside the Insert. Then, stake out the remaining guy-out locations. Last, snug up the bathtub floor by pulling the paracord attached to the line-loc adjusters on the corners of the tent. 


  • Lightweight oz
  • Color Matched Webbing-Match up the guy-out webbing colors with the Absaroka Tent so there is no guess work to align the door.
  • Quick Connect Setup-Quickly and easily connect the Insert to the Tent via sliding carabiners and a line-loc adjuster for fast and easy setup.
  • Floating Bathtub Floor-The quick connect setup allows for the floor to "float", which creates great functionality in slightly uneven terrain.


  • Fabric-15D lightweight mesh (canopy)/40D Nylon 6.6 (floor)
  • Weight- 33.8 oz
  • Peak Height-72"
  • Length-105"
  • Width-95"
  • Packed size-9"x7"

What's Included

  • Absaroka 4P Insert
  • Stuff Sack