Trio of Sauces Gift Box (TOSGB)

Was: $21.95
Now: $17.98

Product Overview

It's time to get SAUCY...

Once you try this trio of scrumptious sauces you will be slathering them on all of your favorite foods! Sticky, sweet, smooth and thick, they've got it all! Dive in, give them a taste and let us know what you think! Go on, sauce it up!

What You Get

  • 13.93 oz. Ketchup
  • 13.90 oz. Sweet & Spicy BBQ Sauce
  • 13.52 oz. Sweet & Spicy Habanero Sauce

Delicious Descriptions

THE KETCHUP - you've seen it all before right? but just like dating, when it really gets down to it, what matters is on the inside... once you pop the top off our ketchup you will find a toe tapping, foot stomping kind of deliciousness...

THE BBQ -  this BBQ sauce is tall, dark and handsome, too good to be true? well today's your lucky day... so give 'em one chance - think of a familiar smokey BBQ base but take it somewhere new with a pineapple chipotle combo and just enough kick to make a punching bag jealous... it'll be your co-pilot to delicious town - fallen for it yet?

THE HABANERO - relax and pat yourself on the back, good job, you've found your go to sweet and spicy sauce - it's the beast that will keep you smiling through breakfast, lunch and dinner! use it just as you would a ketchup on EVERYTHING that touches those lovely lips...


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