Tikkid 20 Lumens

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Product Overview

The Kids' Tikkid Headlamp is Petzl's classic Tikki Headlamp designed for children in terms of safety and sizing. Its twenty lumen brightness is limited to protect sensitive, young eyes from photo-biological risk, and the battery storage has a flat-head screw so only tool-equipped adults can access it. Petzl sized Tikkid's headband for children, and it's releasable under unwanted tension in situations that only children seem to experience, like a branch sliding in between your kids' heads and the headband when they run by a tree.

  • Kid-friendly headlamp for camping outside or inside
  • Small 20 lumens limit photo-biological risk to young eyes
  • Headband is child-sized, adjustable, and releasable under tension
  • Single button sorts through three modes: low, high, and strobe
  • Phosphorescent reflector is useful for locating the lamp in the dark
  • Access to included batteries protected by flat-head screw


(No reviews yet) Write a Review