Swig Rig Insulated


Product Overview

The Swig Rig is everything you need for your next adventure! All Swig Rigs include everything you need to turn your Nalgene (or similar bottle) into an awesome hydration system! You can add options like bottles and sleeves to customize the kit just the way you like.

The Swig Rig includes:

  • 2-Piece Cap
  • Straw (pre-cut for 48oz. Nalgene, trim down for smaller bottles)
    • Straw does not fit the Swig Rig ULTRALIGHT
  • Silicone Valve (+ 1 spare valve)
  • 39" Long Insulated Hose (Insulation is applied directly to tubing, not a sleeve.)
  • High Flow 90 Degree Bite Valve with Cover
  • Hose Quick Disconnect
  • Backpack Hose Clip