Product Overview

Named for a high, windy peak at the center of the Bob Marshall, the Silvertip is a minimalist fortress for one or two.  Exceptionally quiet in high winds and capable of four season snow shedding, the Silvertip is the small shelter of choice when dodgy weather is the norm, and truly bad weather a distinct possibility. 

The successor to the minimalist Beyond Timberline shelter, the Silvertip boasts improved seam orientation and two additional upper guy-out points that improve storm performance and increase usable interior space.  Tall folks on tall sleeping pads fit, no problem.  We have moved the stove jack location to enhance the solo users experience when the Silvertip is used as a hot tent. Venting has been improved with the inclusion of a covered , zip down apex vent. This vent will stay quiet in windy conditions or can be propped opened in calmer conditions. 

The Silvertip features 12 ground level stake points, and two additional mid-level guy points in the center of the head and foot panels.  Dual doors, with #8 YKK zippers, allow for venting, separate entrances when used with two people, and can be guyed out tarp-style during fair weather. 

Handmade in Grand Junction, CO.


  • Canopy - 28 oz / 1 lb 12 oz
  • Complete weight - canopy, stakes, carbon pole - 42 oz / 2 lb 10 oz
  • Dual screens add 7 oz


  • Height - 57"
  • Diameter - 8' 11"
  • 70 sq ft
  • Optimal pole height 57" - usually requires two trekking poles or an extender with proper overlap for strength if not using a dedicated pole

Silvertip with carbon pole and stove jack