Sentinel Tripod

$568.50 - $958.50

Product Overview

The Spartan Precision Equipment ‘Sentinel’ Rifle & Optics Support System' has been specifically designed to provide a stable mounting system for a broad range of rifles. Calling it a 'tripod' completely understates its versatility as a complete shooting system for the true active hunter, and compliments the existing 'Spartan' bipod range. Capable of being configured in 'field' conditions as a tripod, bipod or mono-pod for rifle use. It can also be instantly adapted to allow the mounting of spotting scopes, cameras, thermal imaging, night vision, anemometers and other devices. The unique design enables an attached rifle to traverse through a full 360-degree arc, whilst remaining very firmly attached to the head unit. This creates an incredibly smooth & stable shooting platform, making successive shots on multiple targets achievable & reliable.

 *Includes tripod only. Seperated adaptors will need to be purchased to mount a rifle, optics, etc..


Mountain 25 inches to 47 inches

Woodland 32 inches to 67 inches

Mini 7 to 9 inches  / 1lb 3oz



The Woodland


The Mountain


The Mini