Morgon 2021 Limited Edition


Product Overview

Morgon (which means morning or dawn in Norwegian) has been designed both to be a functional and well-working outdoor tool and to visually represent that 2021 is a year of new beginnings. The handle pattern features dark oak in combination with yellow dyed leather inlets, reflecting the first morning rays shining through the darkness. The dark brown sheath reflects the colors of the knife handle with its yellow stitching. It also features an imprint of the first morning light shining through a a dense winter forest. This imprint matches on both sides of the sheath. Finally, the blade is a highly polished version of our triple laminated stainless steel – perfect for reflecting those early morning rays of sun. This combines as an heirloom knife mean to capture the essence of what 2021 is for Helle – a fresh and nature-centred start to a new year coming after what was for many a dark 2020. The Morgon will only be available in 1000 examples, all printed with the “Helle L21” logo. Blade length: 105mm. Handle length:105mm. Weight knife: 105g. Weight sheath: 53g. Total weight 310g. Steel: Helle triple laminate Handle mat.: Dark oak, dyed leather.