Mission v2

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Product Overview

Our original Mission boot was an immediate favorite among hunters out west, that were looking for lightweight, high performance boots. Now, after over a year of development, we’re pleased to bring you the Mission V2. The V2 features our new pLite™ midsole technology providing unmatched shock absorption, durability and comfort. On bottom is the venerable Vibram™ Circuma™ outsole. This outsole offers excellent longevity and traction. Our roller bearing lacing system extends down to the toe box, helping to accommodate a wide range of foot shapes. Outside the V2 features Schoeller™ performance fabric. This advanced fabric is highly breathable, comfortable and very durable. Finally the Sympatex™ membrane hermetically seals out water while venting excess moisture.

  • Flex 1 (Flexible)
  • Weight - 3.6 lbs per pair (size 10)
  • Height - 8in
  • Vibram™ Circuma™ Outsole
  • Roller Bearing Hardware
  • Sympatex™ 100% Waterproof Membrane


(No reviews yet) Write a Review