Microground Instant Coffee

$11.95 - $13.95

Product Overview

As a community of Adventurers, Hunters and Outdoor enthusiasts, Wild Society has taken it upon themselves to bring you better coffee, from a better company. From the Aliulik Peninsula on Kodiak Island to Carmen Island, Mexico and everywhere in-between; They've spent countless days in desolate places and were never satisfied with the coffee offered. Wild Society believes a cup of coffee is a building block in the defining moments of the day. These moments come in a variety of shapes and forms, but always start with a sunrise and a good cup of coffee. Whether you are embarking on a once in a lifetime hunt, hiking the Continental Divide Trail or prefer a pot of coffee at home; They strive to define every morning with a cup of Wild Society Coffee to Fuel Your Experience

Instant Honey - Plenty of honey with melting sweetness. Aggressively delicious, medium roasted Kilimanjaro premium coffee beans present a smooth, velvety texture with hints of black current. Real honey adds a mellow sweetness that overlaps with the depth and richness of the coffee to define a uniquely delicious taste. If you like sugar in your coffee go no further, you've found your perfect cup. 6 microground coffee sticks per box. Empty stick into cup, pour 5oz hot water (176° - 185°), stir and enjoy!

Instant Colombian - Only the highest grade supremo Colombian beans are used to create this chocolate-caramel-nut flavor profile. Medium-dark roasted, with a soft texture and a smooth nutty richness, this coffee is characterized by its refreshing flavor. Well-balanced for bold taste, this if for coffee lovers on the go to enjoy a cup anywhere. 12 microground coffee sticks per box. Empty stick into cup, pour 5oz hot water (176° - 185°), stir and enjoy!

Instant Carmel Mocha - A café in the wild, anytime, anywhere. Medium-dark roasted Colombian Tanzanian blend, rich Belgium chocolate and mellow caramel melted together with finely crushed hazelnut is the ultimate morning luxury. Dissolve it in hot milk and it will become a creamy café mocha. You might be roughing it, but your coffee doesn't have to suffer. 3 microground coffee sticks + 3 caramel chocolate sticks per box. Empty 1 of each stick into cup, pour 5oz hot water (194° - 203°), stir and enjoy! Substitute hot milk for water to make a café mocha.