LTD #5


Product Overview

LTD Knives Are Extremely Limited Editions. Only this one example will ever be produced. 

A new edition to the LTD series, #5. A true one-of-one creation, handmade by Josh Jolly at RJ Knives in Livingston, Montana. Crafted with exquisite attention to detail, from the highest grade materials available. This knife has a 3.75" blade, made of 5/32" 0-1 high carbon tool steel for long lasting edge retention and excellent corrosion resistance. The handle features beautiful fossilized walrus ivory, desert Ironwood, and exhibition grade sambar stag, accented with a nickel silver guard and butt cap. The full length of this knife is 7 & 3/4" and comes ready for serious field use. Although RJ knives may create similar knives in the future, there will never be another exactly like this one.

  • 7.75" overall length
  • 3.75" Blade
  • Leather Sheath Included
  • Include certificate of authenticity
  • Limited to only 1 knife ever being built