Large U-Turn Ultralight Tent Stove W/8ft Pipe


Product Overview

The U-Turn titanium tent stove is an ultralight version of our standard stoves that uses lighter weight titanium foil for the stove sides and back, plus a smaller diameter stovepipe and damper that is not interchangeable with our other stoves.U-Turn stoves maintain the ease of assembly and use of our box stoves, but cut significant weight (12 oz on a large with 6 feet of pipe).  Our U-Turn stoves compare favorably to cylinder stoves on the market from a weight perspective, while being much sturdier, easier to assemble, and easier to cook on due to the flat top.If you desire a very lightweight stove that works great for cooking or melting snow, the U-Turn is probably right for you.


  • Titanium construction
  • Intake control
  • Sliding door
  • Damper with integral spark arrestor
  • Stove packs down to roughly 10.25" X 14" X .75" tall
  • Stovepipe rolls up to roughly 9.5" long cylinder 2.5" in diameter (held in place by pipe rings)


  • Weight - 26 oz - including damper, legs, hardware, and storage bag
  • Storage tube adds 3 oz 
  • Pipe Weight - 2.5" diameter pipe weighs 1.5 oz per foot
  • Dimensions:
    • Firebox Height - 8"
    • Firebox Width - 8"
    • Firebox Length - 14"
    • Stove assembled height (with legs) - 12"
  • All Titanium Construction - Top and bottom are 30 gauge Grade I, Uturn sides, and pipe are titanium foil.