Kodiak Belt


Product Overview

The ultimate backcountry hunting field belt, the Kodiak Belt from Argali is a field belt and a Knife sharpener in one lightweight package. Built to be a comfortable belt for every day hunting and outdoor use with materials built into the belt that allow you to shape, sharpen and hone any knife, broadhead or hook. The low-profile design is comfortable to wear underneath a backpack hip belt under heavy loads, and comes with our Iron Grip, No-Slip Guarantee. With the Kodiak Belt you'll never have to carry a knife sharpener with you again, because you're wearing it. 


  • Iron Grip Webbing Capture System-Your belt won't slip, but is still easy and quick to take on and off. 
  • 3 Separate Ways to Sharpen-Shape, sharpen and hone any knife, broadhead or hook.
  • Low Profile Design-Buckle fits comfortably under a backpack hip belt thanks to our unique webbing capture system.
  • Lightweight-Aerospace grade aluminum buckle body and durable webbing belt.
  • Tungsten Carbide Sharpening Bar-Durable and long lasting material will allow you to sharpen any knife, for years. 
  • 800 Grit Diamond Plate-Allows you to shape any knife or broadhead
  • Leather Strop-Vegetable tanned leather strop to keep you knife hair popping sharp.
  • Fishing Hook Sharpening Groove-Never have a dull hook again.


  • Medium-Fits waist sizes 28"-35"
  • Large-Fits waist sizes from 35"-44"

If you are a size 35 waist you can use either size, but we recommend a Large.


Trimming Belt to Size

We recommend trimming the webbing to on your belt for ease of taking the belt off and putting it on. To trim your belt, we recommend adding 6 inches to your pant waist size and trimming the webbing to that length. 


Specs and Materials

  • Webbing Width-1.5" 
  • Weight- 3.8 ounces
  • Buckle Material- 7075 grade aluminum 
  • Sharpening Bar- Tungsten carbide
  • Leather Strop- 6" long vegetable tanned leather