Cuddy Flip

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Product Overview

The call of blue skies and flat water is hard to resist. Simms Cuddy Flip responds with a siped rubber outsole that grips wet surfaces with razor-cut slits, so you can stay cool and move from bow to stern with confidence. The Right Angle® footbed adds stability underfoot that keeps you relaxed and comfortable while standing all day.

  • If using in saltwater always clean and rinse to prevent corrosion.Use a brush to remove dust and dirt. 
  • Choose an old vegetable brush or toothbrush. 
  • For maximum thoroughness, remove laces prior to cleaning. Use specialized boot cleaner, saddle soap or maybe a mild dishwashing soap with luke-warm water.
  • Do not use bar soap or detergents.
  • Do not place wet boots close to a heat source (fireplace, campfire, wood stove, radiator, heater, sunny windowsill) as this can weaken adhesives and cause materials to become brittle or shrink.
  • Dry using natural methods (air dry) and try to keep them out of the sun for long periods of time. 
  • Boots dry faster when positioned upside-down.
  • If desired, stuff a sheet or two of newspaper into each boot to absorb moisture. 
  • Change the paper each hour.If you see any mold on your boots, brush in a mixture of 80% water and 20% vinegar.
  • Over time the use of leather conditioners may provide increased water repellency and can prevent cracking and drying of the leather.
  • Store footwear in a place where temperatures are stable and normal. 
  • Do not store footwear in attics, garages, car trunks or any unventilated spaces.Never put footwear in washing machine.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review