Chile Seasoning Blend


Product Overview

This is Montana Mex's all-purpose seasoning. We’ve blended four chiles – New Mexico, Guajillo, Pasa Negra, and Ancho – for an expansive, smoky flavor profile that adds depth to everyday dishes without the overwhelming heat.

Certified clean-label, gluten-free product made in the USA without chemical anti-caking agents.

Ingredients: New Mexico Chile, Sea Salt, Pasilla Negra Chile, Guajillo Chile, Ancho Chile, Organic Rice Hull.

  • New Mexico Chile: A group of pepper hybrids specific to the soils of New Mexico and known for their medium heat.
  • Sea Salt: Less processed than iodized table salt and rich with minerals, sea salt brings out each blend’s inherent flavors.
  • Pasilla Negra Chile: Dried chilaca chili pepper. Mild, yet smoky.
  • Guajillo Chile: The dried form of the mirasol chile. Deep red in color and rich in flavor, yet mild in heat.
  • Ancho Chile: The dried version of the poblano pepper. Big, bold and slightly sweet in flavor, these peppers are commonly used in mole sauce.
  • Organic Rice Hull: A naturally-derived anti-caking agent that keeps our seasonings free from clumps.

Details: 2.4 oz. tins

Pairs Well With: Braised meats, grilled chicken, corn on the cob, fried eggs, roasted nuts.

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