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Duckworth is proud to be the only source-verified, 100% Made-in-USA Merino wool clothing company.We carefully manage every step of the process, from raw fiber to finished garment. Knowing wool is their business. Starting at the Helle ranch in Dillon, Montana where every fleece is graded and selected for its end use, Duckworth's Merino /wool then travels to the Carolinas, the traditional powerhouse of US textile production. The spinning, knitting and dyeing is part science and part art, requiring specialized know-how, trusted partners and the long-term vision of a fourth-generation ranching family. Deep understanding of the manufacturing process allows them to find opportunities for innovation at many stages of development, resulting in breakthrough wool products and practices, such as their “Chlorine Free” shrink-resist process, ultralight Vapor Wool fabric and Woolcloud insulation. Although the US textile industry has been on the decline for decades, their Sheep to Shelf™ supply chain brings jobs back to small communities, keeps technical knowledge close to home and assures maximum life-cycle sustainability. Duckworth guarantees total supply-chain responsibility, quality and transparency from beginning to end.

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