Boddington Safari Short Men's

Was: $129.00
Now: $55.00

Product Overview

Our signature Boddington Safari short. Easy to wear and rich in features. In front, we made dual slant  pockets and added a hidden, vertical zipper  pocket on the right side for extra security. Our  cargo pockets are unique: They are a sleek  bellows design consisting of two compartments  on both sides, both with sewn-in cartridge  loops, reinforced with our soft cow-belly leather  to make it easy for you to feel the different  compartments and also for added longevity. All  rear and cargo pockets are button-secured to  protect valuables. Two comfort features are  paramount: the waist is made with just enough  elastic stretch to accommodate a big meal after  you take a prized trophy; and we lined the seat  with a second layer of tightly woven cotton that provides a  highly water resistant barrier to keep your butt dry  yet still wick away perspiration. 

  • Dual side cargo pockets
  • hidden zippered security pocket
  • Elastic comfort waistband 
  • Double layer seat reinforcement