steven rinella

Steven Rinella

Host of the Netflix original series "MeatEater" and the MeatEater podcast. He is an accomplished author with six books under his belt, including "The MeatEater Fish & game Cook book: Recipes and Techniques for Every Hunter and Angler.

Remi Warren

Remi  has been hunting his entire life and passionate about sharing his knowledge with others. He is an accomplished guide, field editor for Western Hunter magazine and co-hosts Solo Hunter TV and the "Cutting the Distance" podcast.

Jason Matzinger

Born and raised right here in Bozeman, MT, Jason is an accomplished film & television producer and host of the popular hunting show "Into High Country" on the Sportsman's Channel. Jason is also heavily involved with many wildlife conservations groups.

eduardo garcia

Eduardo Garcia

Eduardo the chef and co-founder of the food brand Montana Mex, a motivational speaker, outdoor enthusiast and athlete from southwest Montana. He is an avid hunter and master of cooking with wild game and ingredients.


Garret Smith

Aka "Dirtmyth"  is a no-bullshit kind of guy and a world class photographer. He's is also and associate producer over at MeatEater. When he isn't traveling the world and photoing his adventures, you can catc him climbing some ice or reeling in fish.


Lance Kroneberger

Lance is a devout family man that founded Freelance Outdoor Adventrues in 2003 and has gone on to become an almost legendary Alaskan hunting guide. He's guided hundreds of successful sheep, goat, Brown and Grizzly bear hunts. 

rachel ahtila

Rachel Ahtila

A self described "horse crazy bush-kid", Rachel Ahtila is a full-time hunting guide that spends a lot of time on horseback in British Columbia. She's also the host of the Full Curl Podcast. Don't let the hair & smile fool you, she is a serious back country hunter!

seth morris

Seth Morris

Aka "The Flip Flop Flesher." Seth is an accomplished photographer and videographer for the Neflix original series MeatEater. He is also a skilled hunter in his own right and an avid fur trapper, which is how he earned his epic nickname.

claudia schmidt

Claudia Schmidt

Claudia is as Montana as it gets! She is a serious back country hunter that has put some impressive animals on the ground. She is also a gifted long range shooter, horse rider and has recently launched her own outdoor apparel brand.


Alishia Zemlicka

Alishia is a hardcore hunter, athlete, small business owner and mother. She lives and breathes the hardocre hunter lifestyle. From daily beast-mode workouts in the gym, to serious back country adventures and shed hunting trips, Alishia is the real deal!


David Barbeau

David is a mechanical engendering technologist, adventure addict and outdoor enthusiast. When he's not out traveling or working, you can find him exploring the mountains, spending time with friends or fly fishing on the Bow River.


Bradley Brooks

The man behind Argali Outdoors, Brad is a deadicated backcountry hunter and über-lite gear aficionado.  His outdoor and hunting experience has helped shape and develop new porducts  that save weight without compromising durability or features.